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Our service has been carefully designed from the ground up to benefit every party involved in the relocation process.

Client Benefits


Peace Of Mind

100% volume accuracy means no more last minute panics over larger containers, and a clear understanding of operational scope ensures no hidden costs at Origin or Destination.


Time Efficiency

Your relocation plans are discussed in detail during a single in-home consultation - scheduled at your convenience. No more multiple surveys by numerous Providers or taking unnecessary days off work. 


Executive Summary

Three proposals are comprehensively overviewed in the Executive Summary, enabling you to make quick comparisons between Providers and reach a fully informed decision.


Cost Containment

Our meticulously detailed process hugely mitigates the chance of hidden costs or misunderstandings in the service you receive – resulting in an efficient and stress free Relocation.

Corporate Benefits


More Productive Employees

Stress free Employees are more Productive – fact! ReCo take away the burden of multiple in-home consultations and chasing down proposals – hugely improving the Employee’s relocation experience and enabling them to spend more time at work being productive.


Cost Containment

Thanks to the detailed job specifications ReCo submit to the Providers, there is a significant reduction in scope for last minute or hidden costs. Volume increases become a thing of the past, along with larger containers (and extra shipping fees), last minute calls for handyman services or additional handling fees for cumbersome items.


Single Source Provider

ReCo’s close relationship with all FIDI Approved Providers helps ensure a smooth and hassle free Relocation. ReCo act as an intermediary between the Client and Provider, helping address operational queries before they become obstacles or impact on the Relocation.

Relocation Provider Benefits


Operational Intelligence

Volume increases become a thing of the past thanks to the clearly defined packing list agreed by the Client and prepared for the Provider. Packing teams can easily identify any items which are not on the packing list and fall out of scope of the agreement.


Labour Savings

ReCo’s services provide significant savings made on business development, administration and staff overheads etc.


Accuracy of Data

The accuracy of data collected by ReCo during the in-home survey is peerless thanks to the time spent thoroughly understanding Clients’ requirements, accurately measuring each item and correctly setting expectations.


Informed Clients

Each and every one of ReCo’s Clients have been thoroughly qualified and briefed on what to expect from their Provider, enabling a strong Client / Provider relationship. 

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