Moving House? 2 Helpful New Services for UAE Relocation Market.

It’s a fact that more people are moving around the globe than ever before - mobility levels have never been higher, and the number of companies offering relocation services has never been greater. One issue people – both individuals and HR teams - are experiencing with this increased traffic is understanding if they are getting the best value for money from their current list of providers or the ‘go to’ big names. Naturally, each relocation company’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities vary from country to country – some are fantastic at local moves, but does this mean they can be trusted to get all your worldly possessions across the globe? Just as some of the global giants can seem overpri

Global Cost Of Living

Here's some very interesting data for those planning an international relocation in 2015 - a global cost of living comparison. The top five cheapest countries, based on data from the Consumer Price Index, include Asian and north African nations India, Nepal, Pakistan, Tunisia and Algeria. The five countries most likely to drain your bank account when paying for essential items and services are listed as Switzerland, Norway, Venezuela, Iceland and Denmark.

Transit Insurance - What You Need To Know

Insurance is the one option not to compromise on. You can choose the most professional and carefull service provider to relocate your home and still have issues with your shipment. Accidents can happen: dropping a container at the port or on the trailer, vibration due to bad roads or bad lorry condition, heavy movement due to hard weather condition on sea, customs inspection, change of temperature and humidity level passing from a country to another one, fire on the boat etc... General average as explained in our article of the 15th of December 2014. Total loss: a container can be lost in transit in the sea or just fully destroyed on its way to your new home. what would you do if you had to

General Average - What It Is And Why It Matters!

The law of general average is a legal principle of maritime law according to which all parties in a sea venture proportionally share any losses resulting from a voluntary sacrifice of part of the ship or cargo to save the whole in an emergency. In the exigencies of hazards faced at sea, crew members often have precious little time in which to determine precisely whose cargo they are jettisoning. Thus, to avoid quarrelling that could waste valuable time, there arose the equitable practice whereby all the merchants whose cargo landed safely would be called on to contribute a portion, based upon a share or percentage, to the merchant or merchants whose goods had been tossed overboard to avert i

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