5 Helpful Tips When Relocating Away From UAE - Part 1

1. Preparation is key Thorough planning is essential for a smooth relocation – preparation for the move should start way before the packers arrive! Make a firm decision which items of furniture you are taking – agree this with your family and stick to the plan. Be mindful that items of large kit furniture (ie IKEA wardrobes) don’t travel well and may require handyman services at both end to dismantle and refix (potentially very costly) – so it might be more practical to dispose of at origin and re-purchase at destination. 2. Go it alone – or get the professionals in? The last few years have seen boutique relo consultancies becoming increasingly popular. They deliver a more tailored experienc

Understanding Shipping Terminology

With most things in life, the Devil is always in the detail – and when agreeing terms with your relocation provider, it pays to thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions so you know the exact scope of service you’ll receive – and avoid the dreaded last minute surprise costs! The shipping industry is a complex beast and uses more abbreviations and technical terms than most. For all those looking to really understand exactly what these abbreviations stand for, here is a useful list of the most commonly used. Bill of Lading: A document that establishes the terms of a contract between a shipper and a transportation company under which freight is to be moved between specified points

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