Moving to UK? You WILL Find This Very Useful.....

Moving internationally can be a massively rewarding, life changing experience, however it can also feel like a huge jump into the unknown - especially if you are moving to a new area that you have little knowledge of. Thankfully, there are a number of online tools which can help take the uncertainty out of your move. For Clients moving to UK, here's one of our favorites - operated by the UK Police Force, here's a country wide crime map showing all reported incidents, contact details for the local crime squad and the policing priorities for the neighbourhood. This has helped countless Clients research areas to live in - and those to avoid!

Think twice before shipping your car from UAE to USA (or Canada)!!

While the thought of taking your pride and joy with you when leaving the UAE is appealing, in practice it is an extremely complicated and potentially costly process - which if not done properly can result in the car being destroyed by US Customs. Regardless of what shipping agents may tell you it is YOUR responsibility to ensure the vehicle is compliant with US requirements, and you have every single document required for clearance. These documents include (but are not limited to) - Proof of ownership (copy of Vehicle Registration) Copy of Vehicle Registration or letter from Manufacturer's U.S. Representative stating that vehicle was originally manufactured to meet U.S. Environmental Protec

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