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Interesting article on LifeHacker with some useful tips for people moving to a new City.


Very US centric, but the principles still apply.


Moving internationally can be a massively rewarding, life changing experience, however it can also feel like a huge jump into the unknown - especially if you are moving to a new area that you have little knowledge of.


Thankfully, there are a number of online tools whi...


While the thought of taking your pride and joy with you when leaving the UAE is appealing, in practice it is an extremely complicated and potentially costly process - which if not done properly can result in the car being destroyed by US Customs.


Regardless of what sh...

We are delighted to announce that ReCo are officially the first sponsor for SOS Emirates Dogs, a homeless Dog shelter based in Umm Al Quain.


For every move we assist with, we will donate 50aed to the dog shelter which will go towards feeding, housing and caring for the...

There are a growing number of online quote providers operating in the UAE - promising you 'up to' five quotes for your house move. As anyone who has used these services knows, this is not always the case - after entering your details you can expect to be bombarded by c...

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