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ReCo Dubai  

An easy step-by-step process to help you get moving

How ReCo works ?

We meet our client on site to assess and understand the job that needs to be done. During this meeting we calculate the actual volume of goods to be shipped, identify which fragile items require crating or special handling and if any additional services (handyman etc.) are necessary to ensure a smooth move.


Based on this information, we obtain 3 competitive proposals from our panel of top tier, internationally regulated providers. Each proposal is tailored to our client’s exact requests.


Within 4 working days of our initial meeting, all three proposals are submitted to our client in a detailed executive summary, allowing them to make a full comparison and informed selection based on all proposed services & costs. Once agreed, we work closely with the selected provider ensuring the full guaranteed door-to-door moving experience.


Our method is clear and easy for customers to understand, with no hidden costs or additional charges. By having an extended network of transportation companies to choose from, we can offer unbeatable prices along with grade-A services that would be hard or even impossible to find on the open market. Our strength is our comprehensive experience in the industry and the reliable partners that give us privileged access to their services. We supply you with the right provider at the right price.

ReCo’s 4 Stage Process

Detailed In Home Survey

Step 1

Possibly the most important part of any relocation as it is the operational framework that sets the basis for everything else, from dates, destinations, insurance, budget but also volume to be shipped and special handling requirements.

Obtain Proposals

Step 2

According to what has been established in the survey, ReCo will attain 3 quotes from approved suppliers that align their services to the client’s requirements.

Step 3

Executive Summary

4 working days later all 3 proposals are distilled into a summary that provides a comparison between the offers as well as an overview of the companies. The client reviews and selects the company that will handle the relocation.

Step 4

Monitor Progress

ReCo remain on hand for the duration of the relocation to provide additional support to our clients and relocation providers to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

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