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Moving House? 2 Helpful New Services for UAE Relocation Market.

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It’s a fact that more people are moving around the globe than ever before - mobility levels have never been higher, and the number of companies offering relocation services has never been greater.

One issue people – both individuals and HR teams - are experiencing with this increased traffic is understanding if they are getting the best value for money from their current list of providers or the ‘go to’ big names.

Naturally, each relocation company’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities vary from country to country – some are fantastic at local moves, but does this mean they can be trusted to get all your worldly possessions across the globe? Just as some of the global giants can seem overpriced and sluggish when compared to the fresh and dynamic new comers.

Unless you take some serious time to research all this, if the information is even forthcoming in the first place, how to determine who to relocate with?

Recently in UAE, the relocation industry has benefitted from some new services, which I’ll quickly bring to your attention as they may help you out –

ReCo Relocation Consultants - the latest addition to the market, are focussed on moving household goods - both locally and internationally. They offer a completely tailored service, which involves their consultants carrying out a single in-home survey to understand your exact requirements in detail. They identify three companies (all FIDI approved, top tier providers), obtain competitive rates on your behalf then deliver a summary, allowing you to make an informed and quick decision. Similar in principle to an insurance broker, you just sit back while they do the leg work.

Movesouq – an online quote request service for household services and very basic local moves. Simply tap in your requirements, sit back and numerous companies will get in touch to provide quotes.

Both services are free of cost to use, and can hugely simplify the task of making sure your provider perfectly suits your requirements - giving you the most bang for your buck!

Good luck & happy moving.

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