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Transit Insurance - What You Need To Know


Insurance is the one option not to compromise on.

You can choose the most professional and carefull service provider to relocate your home and still have issues with your shipment.

Accidents can happen: dropping a container at the port or on the trailer, vibration due to bad roads or bad lorry condition, heavy movement due to hard weather condition on sea, customs inspection, change of temperature and humidity level passing from a country to another one, fire on the boat etc...

General average as explained in our article of the 15th of December 2014.

Total loss: a container can be lost in transit in the sea or just fully destroyed on its way to your new home. what would you do if you had to receive the news that all your effect were lost during transit? How would you recover your loss and replace everything. Losing your personal and irreplacable items is already difficul but having to pay from your own pocket to replace everything can become very expensive.

Loss of an individual item: what if your bed was broken or your television not working once plugged back? what would happen if all your clothes were mouldy? would you appreciate to have your dinner set half broken?

Insurance allows you to cover all these points!

3 different types of insurances:

Total loss insurance: covers general average and reimburses based on a fixed lump sum established by you if no item can be recovered.

Itemized insurance: after having itemized one by one all or part of your personal effects and household goods, your effects will be covered against general average and for individual loss as per the value you have declared. If you omited to declare an item and if anything had to happen to this item, it will be a loss for you.

Lump Sum insurance: this option works as per industry standard and is based on your volume. Insurance companies will assess a replacement value per cubic meters in order to calculate your lump sum amount to be insured.

On top of this lump sum value, you will have to declare separately any high value items. It of course covers general average.

The itemized insurance and lump sum insurance can be complemented with an additional cover for pairs and sets, mechanical and electrical derangment and mould and mildew.

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