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5 Helpful Tips When Relocating Away From UAE - Part 1


1. Preparation is key

Thorough planning is essential for a smooth relocation – preparation for the move should start way before the packers arrive! Make a firm decision which items of furniture you are taking – agree this with your family and stick to the plan. Be mindful that items of large kit furniture (ie IKEA wardrobes) don’t travel well and may require handyman services at both end to dismantle and refix (potentially very costly) – so it might be more practical to dispose of at origin and re-purchase at destination.

2. Go it alone – or get the professionals in?

The last few years have seen boutique relo consultancies becoming increasingly popular. They deliver a more tailored experience, removing the uncertainty of identifying reliable providers, arranging multiple surveys and understanding which service is best for you. Using ReCo Relocation Consultants (Dubai) as an example, their consultancy services are provided to the moving party at zero cost – so you receive a selection of perfectly tailored quotes delivered to you from handpicked, international providers without lifting a finger.

3. Think Charity

There are a growing number of charities who would welcome your clothes, toys, furniture and pretty much everything else for their great causes – so there is no excuse to throw anything that isn’t functional. A quick google search will reveal several local charities – if you require advice (and are based in UAE), I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

4. Prioritize your items

Carefully review your ‘to ship’ list and mark those items which are essential – making sure the packing crew receive a copy of this list on the first day of the pack. This will ensure your important items are packed first, so if the container becomes full quicker than planned (which happens more often than you’d imagine!), you are not faced with a potentially expensive overflow situation.

5. Avoid last minute shopping trips

This tip may be more difficult to stick to!! Buy well in advance and make sure all items that will ship are in home and visible during the in-home survey – as any last minute additions WILL result in additional shipping and handling costs. In some cases, this may require a larger container, meaning a huge price increase. If the total volume you are shipping is close to a full container – refer to point 4!!

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