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67% of Western Expats Considering Leaving UAE Due to Rising Cost Of Living


Source Article (Gulf News & YouGov)

A recent article in Gulf News stated that half of all employed expatriates would consider leaving the UAE because of the high cost of living. For those living and working in the region, this means pretty much everyone knows someone who is seriously considering moving.

This increased traffic in export relocations coincides with an increase in the number of start up relocation companies - founded to meet the increased demand.

Unfortunately, this also means more inexperienced companies competing to secure the more lucrative international relocations. The importance of moving with an experienced, regulated company has never been greater.

The saying 'you only get what you pay for' can be applied here, so be very wary of Companies offering low rates - as it more often than not is a false economy.

Interestingly, the cost of living was not an exclusive worry of expatriates, with several Emirati respondants citing rising school fees and rents as reasons they are looking to relocate - with Cities such as Barcelona offering similar quality rental properties around 30% less than here in UAE.

ReCo Relocations Consultants act as your relocation partner - ensuring every element of your move is delivered efficiently and helping you avoid expensive hidden costs.

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