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Are you moving house this summer? Whether moving back to your country of origin, moving to a new house locally or moving on to a new overseas adventure, the relocation industry is soon to enter it’s busy months – so timing is crucial to ensure your move is a successful one – and the clock is ticking!

The busiest period for the relocation industry is across summer – with most of the year’s relocations happening when kids break from school and the weather becomes too hot.

We are already seeing moving companies becoming fully booked for in-home surveys – many of the more reputable ones already being booked out for the next 2 – 3 weeks is an indicator this will be another busy summer and availability of quality providers will quickly become scarce.

Of course, there will always be Companies available to assist – but these services often come at a premium, and the is more than likely a reason why they are not booked out while others are!

When moving house, forward planning is everything, so if you are planning a move this summer – to ensure you secure the dates you want with the provide of your choice – it would be wise to contact them sooner rather than later.

The UAE benefits from services offered by companies such as ReCo, who will assist with you move planning and obtain three quotes for you – all from top tier relocation companies - tailored to your exact requirements.

Good luck & happy moving!

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