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Moving House? Think twice before shopping online for quotes!

There are a growing number of online quote providers operating in the UAE - promising you 'up to' five quotes for your house move. As anyone who has used these services knows, this is not always the case - after entering your details you can expect to be bombarded by calls and emails from every Tom, Dick & Harry with a pick up truck who claim to be the best removal company in the World!!

While they may offer a perfectly fine service locally for some robust furniture pieces, would you trust them to move all your worldly possessions across the globe? (The answer should be a resounding NO!!!)

Here's a quick tip to help identify if the company you are speaking to is up to the job - ask if they are registered with FIDI. FIDI are the recognised global alliance of moving companies - to become a FIDI member, your processes, crew, materials and support systems must all be of a very high quality. If the answer is no - unless you are willing to take a gamble with your items - walk away.

Alternatively, you can skip the hassle and speak directly to ReCo Relocation Consultants. We are the UAE's first and only relocation brokerage who work exclusively with FIDI approved relocation companies.

Our aim is simple, to save you time, money and stress - and our service is free.

Contact us on and we will be happy to assist.

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