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All you need to know about what not to place in your shipment.

Prohibited items in an international move

Due to certain regulations of international shipping and those of each country, there are certain types of products that cannot be shipped in an international maritime move.

In general, you are prohibited from shipping:

  • Live animals

  • Ivory products, coral products or endangered species products

  • Plants

  • Liquids

  • Fruits, vegetables, or any type of food

  • Perfumes and cosmetic items (nail polish, creams etc..)

  • Cleaning products

  • Medicine (especially those under prescription)

  • Tobacco

  • Drugs

  • Weapons

  • Flammable products

  • Pressurized container (hair spray, WD40, aerosols, scuba tanks)

During summer time, we advise not to ship the following:

  • Batteries such as AAA or AA that can leak or crate corrosion in a remote control or a toy for example

  • Candles that can sweat or even melt with hot weather condition

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