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Custom Regulation for France

Many times, ReCo tells and explains required documents for clearing French customs in what is called: "Franchise de Droits". (no tax or custom duties)

First of all, you need to own the items you relocate for more than 6 months and be living outside France for more than a year.

This list up to date is long but quite easy to prepare if you are organizing it in advance.

It consists in the following documents:

- Passport copy and residence Visa copy page

- Inventory in French and valued in Euros. (considering used value)

- Non Cession letter that specify that you will not sell, rent or lend any of your effects to anyone prior to a year.

-Certificate of change of residence obtained from the French consulate

-Proof of residence in France: electricity bill, lease contract, phone bill or anything else that shows your name and new address in France

It sometimes happen that French customs ask for a CERFA certificate which condense all above informations.

Most of these documents will be provided as template by ReCo to avoid necessary research.

Finally, if you decide to export a vehicle to France, you have to make sure of the below to avoid any tax or custom duties:

-Your vehicle needs to go with some personal effects (furnitures, clothes, electronic appliances etc... ) to appear and be considered as part of an international move.

- You own the car for more than 6 months

- You are resident outside France for more than a year

- You can provide an export certificate

- You can provide the original registration title

Any question, please feel free to call us!








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